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Aluminum Foil Separator Machine

  • 1800mm vertical aluminum foil separator
  • 1800mm vertical aluminum foil separator
  • 1900mm inclined type foil separator

Aluminum foil separator machine is among the final steps in an aluminum foil production line and plays a vital role in determining the finished products' quality.

We provide vertical and horizontal aluminum foil separator machines for option, among which vertical type is widely accepted as it fulfills the large diameter as well as production efficiency needs in aluminum foil industry. Vertical foil separator operates at an ultra-high speed of 1000m/min, and allows for 6 cuts at most. The largest diameter of the finished aluminum coil is up to 1000mm.

Apart from vertical type separator, horizontal foil separating machine is also available at Hongye upon clients' request.

Specification of Aluminum Foil Separator Machine

  • Machine structure: horizontal/vertical
  • Machine width: 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 1900mm, and 2200mm (max)
  • Material: 1000, 3000, and 8011 series aluminum alloy
  • Material thickness: 0.02-0.06mm (single layer), 0.005-0.03mm (double layer)
  • Material width: 700mm-1950mm
  • Coil diameter: 1700mm-2200mm
  • Number of cuts: 6
  • Slit width: 200mm-1950mm
  • Max speed: 1000m/min
  • Finished coil diameter: 600mm-1000mm
  • 1900mm inclined type foil separator
  • 1900mm inclined type foil separator

Brief Description
Hongye offers aluminum finishing equipment for aluminum sheet coil separating to be small coils and rewind the coil with leveling processes, all processes are finished by machines as slitting rewinder, aluminum slitter, aluminum sheet liner, finished equipment is used after aluminum ingots become sheet and foil coils by aluminum processing as hot rolling and cold rolling mill.

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