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Aluminum Tension Leveling Line

  • 1450mm aluminum tension leveler
  • 1950mm aluminum tension leveling machine
  • 2200mm tension leveler

This tension leveling line can effectively eliminate the residual stress and fissure possibly generated in the cold or hot rolling line, as a preparation for downstream process. The working speed of our tension leveling line reaches 400m/min. Thickness of the final aluminum strips reaches 0.006mm, roughly 1/3 of hair thickness.

Tension Leveling Line Specification

  • Machine width: 1450mm, 1600mm, 1900mm, 2200mm
  • Driving system: full AC drive/full DC drive
  • Aluminum alloy: 1000, and 8000 series
  • Thickness (raw material): 0.1mm-3.0mm; 0.006mm (min)
  • Width (raw material): 650mm-2050mm
  • Coil diameter: 2200mm-2500mm
  • Elongation: 0-3%
  • Speed: 400m/min
  • Trimming: by saw blade

Why Use It
In a tension leveling line, aluminum strip is leveled by bringing the material beyond the yield point using a combination of tension generated by bridle rolls and a tension obtained by alternately bending the strip over small diameter rolls. This action causes permanent elongation of the longitudinal fibers, which makes their length evenly distributed across the width, thereby eliminating those internal stresses which originate flatness defects. Using the bending action in addition to the pure tension generated by the bridles has two advantages: a reduction in bridle motors power, because the tension generated by the motors is locally amplified by the bending action; and an easier control of the process, because a strip subjected to a pure tension is more likely to break.

  • 1950mm aluminum tension leveling machine
  • 2200mm tension leveler

Brief Description
Hongye offers aluminum finishing equipment for aluminum sheet coil separating to be small coils and rewind the coil with leveling processes, all processes are finished by machines as slitting rewinder, aluminum slitter, aluminum sheet liner, finished equipment is used after aluminum ingots become sheet and foil coils by aluminum processing as hot rolling and cold rolling mill.

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