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Aluminum Foil Rolling Mill

Aluminium foil is a very thin sheet of aluminium which ranges from 0.006 mm to a limit of 0.2mm as defined by the International Standards Organization.

As aluminium foil acts as a complete barrier to light and oxygen, odours and flavours, moisture, and bacteria, it is used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging industry.

After the rolling process, the aluminium coil is then successively cold rolled until the coil reaches the desired thickness.

Our Product
At Hongye, both roughing and finishing type foil rolling mills are provided for option. For finishing rolling mill, the finished double-layer foil ranges in thickness from 0.005mm to 0.007mm; and single-layer foil is available from 0.01mm to 0.014mm. Thickness of foils processed by roughing rolling mill is within 0.012mm-0.014mm.

Besides, our finishing foil rolling mill operates at a highest speed of 1500m/min; and speed of roughing foil rolling mill is no more than 1700/min.

Foil Rolling Mill Specification
Rolling mill type Finishing foil rolling mill Roughing foil rolling mill
Equipment width 1450mm, 1600mm, 1850mm, 2000mm, and 2300mm (max)
Aluminum alloy 1000, 3003, and 8011 series
Thickness (raw material) 0.1mm 0.15mm-0.6mm
Width (raw material) 720mm-1950mm
Coil diameter 1500mm-2200mm 1500mm-2500mm
Coil weight 2.5-17t
Roll force 500-700t
Highest speed 1500m/min 1700m/min
Thickness (finished product) 0.005mm-0.007mm (double layer) 0.01mm-0.014mm (single layer) 0.012mm-0.014mm
Optional AGC/AFC system

Brief Description
Hongye is aluminum sheet processing equipment and aluminum foil coil mill and aluminum coil rewinder, coil sliter, the Hongye industrial aluminum processing equipment is experienced market test, we have mind of how to serve customers aftersales, we know what problems you may meet, and we prepared a package of troubleshooting solution for you, we offer aluminum rolling mill both in cold rolling and hot rolling for your aluminum processing plant.

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