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Aluminum Foil Slitting Machine

  • 1400mm aluminum foil slitting machine
  • 1600mm high-speed aluminum foil slitter
  • 1600mm high-speed aluminum foil slitter

Our high-speed aluminum foil slitting machine allows for a max cuts number of 60. It operates at a max speed of 1000m/min.

Specification of Aluminum Foil Slitting Machine

  • Aluminum, Aluminum alloy (1000, 3000, 5000, and 4000 series)
  • Material thickness: 0.4mm (max)
  • Speed: 1000m/min
  • Number of cuts: 60

Brief Description
Hongye offers aluminum finishing equipment for aluminum sheet coil separating to be small coils and rewind the coil with leveling processes, all processes are finished by machines as slitting rewinder, aluminum slitter, aluminum sheet liner, finished equipment is used after aluminum ingots become sheet and foil coils by aluminum processing as hot rolling and cold rolling mill.

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