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Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill

650mm x 950mm aluminum hot rolling mill

To convert the semi-finished casting aluminum plates came from smelter plant into finished products, hot rolling is a primary approach, by which plates with a thickness of 300-620mm can be turned into 10-35mm thick. Aluminum hot rolling mill is just an automatic high-efficient equipment for aluminum hot rolling.

With the common features of light weight, high strength, and great durability, rolled aluminum is one of the most commonly-used materials in packaging, transport, and building.

Hot Rolling Mill Specification

  • Types of Rolling Machine: two-roller or four-roller hot rolling mill
  • Material: aluminium, aluminum alloy and aluminum composite material
  • Thickness (raw material): 300-620mm
  • Thickness (finished product): 10-35mm

Brief Description
Hongye is aluminum sheet processing equipment and aluminum foil coil mill and aluminum coil rewinder, coil sliter, the Hongye industrial aluminum processing equipment is experienced market test, we have mind of how to serve customers aftersales, we know what problems you may meet, and we prepared a package of troubleshooting solution for you, we offer aluminum rolling mill both in cold rolling and hot rolling for your aluminum processing plant.

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